Hi my girl.


If you had told me five years ago that I would now be considered a dating “expert,” I would stared in disbelief.

But then the relationship I thought would lead to marriage came to an end, and I found myself alone for the first time in almost seven years. I knew in my gut that breaking up was the right thing to do, but it was still terrifying.

I was two years away from thirty, the age by which I had planned to be married going on kids, and living in New York — labeled time and again as the worst city for dating in the country. And here’s the kicker: I had never once been on a real, would-you-like-to-have-dinner-on-Saturday date.

At first, I had absolutely no idea how to go about dating, let alone find my person, my partner, my “let’s do life together” teammate. It wasn’t about wedding bands and minivans. It was about experiencing a deep, rich love.

Many tears, missteps and bad dates later, I finally developed an approach that worked and felt good, and I actually came to enjoy (yes, enjoy) dating.

I now work with women who want to do the same thing — transform their dating experiences and move purposefully toward the relationship they want. And it has nothing to do with which app to use, which bar to frequent. or what to text back.

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If more of the nitty gritty is what you want, then here goes: I hold a B.A. in Philosophy with honors from Johns Hopkins University, with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies. I received my life coaching training through the Coaches Training Institute and health coaching training through the Nutritional Therapy Association. I spent most of my 20s and 30s growing companies – some big, some small, some my own. Most recently I led marketing for Aaptiv, taking the company from a humble team of three to over 80 full time employees 20 million in revenue and counting.

I’ve spent the last 20 years dedicated to my own personal growth through cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, sex therapy, career coaching, life coaching, yoga and more. I blend that experience with my education and training to help women become more of themselves, in life, in work, and most of all, in love.